From now on, Dr Merck will no longer operate in Germany. Dr Zidan is his successor and he was fully trained by Dr Merck in his stitch method.

Abstehende Ohren korrigieren - Correcting protruding ears

Ear correction process - Step by step

4Follow-up care

In the free consultation we will discuss your expectations and wishes and explain the exact procedure of the surgery and the options. The discussion is free and non-committal and takes place in our practice.

In a medical examination we will review and plan the surgery for each patient.

The surgery is done according to the well-known “Dr. Merck Stitch Method”, with which we have done over 11,000 ear corrections in Germany and other countries. The method is very gentle and uncomplicated. The result usually will be permanent with no unpleasant scars.

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Follow-up care
A follow-up appointment is not necessary. Any swelling that occurs during the surgery will disappear on its own and a bandage after the surgery is unnecessary.

Do you have anymore questions about the surgery? We will be glad to answer them.

How much does ear surgery cost?

We calculate the surgery costs per ear as only one ear may need to be corrected. Surgery on both ears is then
somewhat less expensive because the base costs are only calculated once.

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Consultation + Examination + Surgery in one day

The Dr. Merck stitch method is so uncomplicated, that consultation and surgery can be done in one day. It's up to you, if you would prefer having a consultation free of charge and without obligation first, before having the surgery done on another day.

We will plan your surgery in a leisurely manner together with you.
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