From now on, Dr Merck will no longer operate in Germany. Dr Zidan is his successor and he was fully trained by Dr Merck in his stitch method.

Abstehende Ohren korrigieren - Correcting protruding ears

How much does ear correction surgery cost?

Firstly: our consultations are free!

Secondly: we calculate the surgery costs per ear as a non-aesthetic position may only affect one ear.

Lastly: surgery on both ears is relatively less expensive because the base costs are only calculated once.

Ear correction for 1 ear:  1,820 euros
Ear correction for 2 ears: 2,920 euros

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Why turn to Dr. Merck or Dr. Zidan?
  • We are the professionals because we concentrate only on ear correction using our stitch method
  • We provide complete and individual consultations
  • Our operating room is ultra-modern equipped
  • We offer the highest degree of reliability and quality at a fair price
  • Over 11,000 ears have been operated on using the “Dr. Merck Stitch Method” in the last 20 years
  • We developed the safe and gentle “Dr. Merck Stitch Method”
  • Consultations are free - call us at +49 7531 915310
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