Abstehende Ohren korrigieren - Correcting protruding ears

Thank-you letters

Excerpts from thank-you letters (this is only a small selection. A whole file full of thank-you letters can be viewed by any patient at our practice in Constance/Germany).

9.9.2016 – Posting by Daylight on the “Make Me Heal Message Boards”

"Hi, So I had this procedure done (Dr Merck stitch method) and am very satisfied. It's been about a year and two months now since the procedure. Since this was one of the forums I visited while orientating before making the decision, I figured I would offer some help if anybody is interested. This section seems a bit dead now so I rather check if there is anybody interested in details or has specific questions."

B.C. from the UK

Hi Michelle,

Great thanks for the reply, i'm very happy with the results by the way, please pass on my sentiments to the Dr, i also have someone else interested in the next few months.

Saioa E.

...My ears are perfect and I feel great! I would do it again for sure!!!...



...I have no affiliation with Dr. Merck – aside from being a new fan, of course. If you want more information as a patient, send me a note I don’t mind helping you in anyway I can. Seriously this man is brilliant. I’m not surprised that people come from all over the world (Europe, China, USA, South America) to be operated by him in Spain (Madrid, Palma or Tenerife) or Germany...

N. from London

Dear Michelle,

It has been already 5 days now since I have done my ear correction in Mallorca. I would like to let you know that I am very happy with the results so far!

My biggest concern was over-correction, and I kept on begging Dr Merck that I didn't want my ears to be pulled back at an extreme extent throughout the entire operation. To be honest, I didn't leave the clinic fully satisfied as I thought the result was infact an over-correction. Dr Merck assured me that he did so since the ears will protrude to a small extent after the operation and so they did. Therefore I am grateful to this Master and would like to thank you for your very smooth professional help and also Dr Merck for being very patient with me! Please pass him my thankful regards!

Many thanks

M. from London

Dear Michelle,

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr Merck for the operation few weeks ago in Tenerife! All is well.
Best wishes from London

Sarah from the UK

Hi Michelle,

Firstly I would like to say thank you for your help in organising my ear
surgery in such a short space of time, and for always responding quickly to
my emails.

Secondly, I would be extremely grateful if you could pass on my sincerest
thanks to Dr Merck and Marina, for their kindness and professionalism.

I had my operation last Tuesday (11th Sept) in the Palma clinic. The clinic
itself is lovely, and very professional. I was nervous for the operation to
start, but can honestly say I felt nothing thought the procedure. Dr Merck
was fantastic- sitting me up every now and again to check I was happy etc.

I did have some pain that night, and the following day, however I knew this
was to be expected and this has gone completely now, as has the swelling.
Actually, apart from a few small dots on my ears, you really cannot tell I
have had any surgery at all. I am so, so pleased with the results. I
expected a big change, but my ears look better than I could have hoped for.
I am now back at work, and very glad that I made the decision to go ahead
with this. If anyone is wary about the procedure or the fact that it is not
yet carried out in the UK, all I can say is, it is so worth a trip to Palma
(or anywhere else) if you are serious. We were there and back within 48
hours, and the recovery time is surely less than with traditional methods
(this was what mainly attracted me to this method). I would recommend it to
anyone who was on two minds about it.

Again, thank you SO much. You have made a massive difference to me.

Kindest regards

S.A. from Middle East

Dear Michelle Kratt,

for the jop you have done to my ears the result beyond my imagination you make my happy. And many thanks for your staff.

A.E. from Canada

Hi Michelle,

Well I flew back yesterday and I must say I am so impressed by the job Dr. Bern did it is amazing. It is EXACTLY what I wanted. I have to thank you, Dr. Bern, Dr. Merck for this method, and all those involved with your clinic for changing my life and my appearance.


 Enjoy your week at work!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

J.G. from Spain

Dear Doctor Merck;

once more i wish you to thank your professionalism and your human care.
I am probably one of your few patientes who is had the two differents experiences with the otoplasty methods of operations. So from there, i defend your revolucionary creation with more knowledge and belief than anybody.

from the UK

Dear Michelle
I had my operation on the 16th March 2012 in Tenerife, and I wanted you to let Dr Merck know that I am really happy with my surgery, all has healed well so far and the position of both ears are now perfect.
Thank you again

R.E. from the UK

I just wanted to send you this email to past onto Dr Merck and his team to thank them for the operation I had done on the 24th January 2012 in Palma. 2 weeks have pasted now and the result is superb, I'm so pleased with the new position of my ears and there is almost no sign an operation has taken place! I had quite bad pain for the first 3 nights but it has now eased to almost nothing and the swelling has completely gone. I will definitely be recommending his method to anyone I know of that had the same problem as me and only wish I had never gone ahead with traditional otoplasty 3 years ago in the UK.

J.S. from Scotland

Now returned to sunny Scotland and work. I would like to thank you, Dr. Merck, and Marina for everything that has been done (very satisfied with the result).

The travel from Puerto de la Cruz was very easy by taxi and from where I was staying it cost 8 euro each way.

5.01.2012 – Patient R., from Canada

Dear Dr. Merck, First of  all I would like to thank you for your service. Even my close
relatives did not notice that I had a surgery. They just noticed a change but most of them could not explain what was changed. One more time thank you very much for such a nice work.

Ms. Sandra A. (30), from Augsburg

I’m absolutely thrilled with the result and would choose this method any time again. My ears look just perfect, they feel absolutely natural, soft and elastic, and the result could not have been be more beautiful. The best thing about this method for me still is, that there is no real risk. Even if you wanted to reverse the procedure, you could do so. Where else would you have this opportunity?

The media flood us daily with cosmetic surgery and of procedures gone wrong and they make many people unsure with their one-sided reporting. In addition, the classic operating procedures are still used, and in order to spread this method further, any possible weak points in your method are being sought out. I’m always sorry to see children who have to suffer this pain and have to bear wearing a head bandage. I would therefore be glad to help spread word of your method.

I had the Dr. Merck Stitch Method procedure done, US Citizen.
I myself was very skeptical about Dr. Merck's Stitch Method, especially before they posted videos on his website. I just had the procedure done in Tenerife, Canary Islands (cheapest cost), I live in the United States, I am a 27 year old male. After searching the internet for months I could find very little if any personal experiences regarding the procedure, only lots of questions. I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with the results, they are amazing! If anyone would like more information/personal before and after photos/questions/concerns regarding my experience with the procedure please feel free to email me at mbiddle02@gmail.com. After such a fantastic experience (with a lot of fear beforehand!) I want to help give back to the community of anyone interested in otoplasty and especially Dr. Merck's Stitch Method.
I agree with ruthj. I had my ears done in Konstanz recently and I'm very happy with the results. Very professional place and it all went very smoothly. 

I was was out having a beer with no problems just after the procedure. I had a little swelling and bruising at first, but even after one day it had gone down a lot. 

Some people I know didn't even notice and that was only a couple of days later. That may sound strange but I think it's testament to the quality of the surgery and the lack of bandages, swelling, etc. 

There's a lot of information on the website, and even a video, and it's all as they say it is. 

I think it's well worth paying extra to have this method done. 

Get in touch if you need more info.
Catrin K, (26) , from Löhne

Three years ago, you “freed“ me from my protruding ears. You can really see the results. I am more than satisfied and can finally put my hair up.

by Ruth

Hi- I joined this forum just to share the info about Dr Mercks method- my son just had his ears done in Konstanz on Tuesday 6th May 2008 - 

the clinic was fantastic - so professional. 
The explanations were thorough and informative. 

We had been granted funding for the 'old way' of Otoplasty and elected instead to pay for our son to have the op at Dr Mercks clinic. 

What a great decision - the results are DRAMATIC and the minimal amount of incision and NO damage to the cartilage means already he is looking great. 

There were no bandages, and just a local anaesthetic - the procedure took two hours for both ears, he walked out after the op in stunned disbelief that it was so fast and easy ( he is 15) 

Please get in touch if you need any advice or further info about this brilliant surgery. 

Warm wishes, 

Ralf W., (43) from Essen

Hello Dr. Merck. The result is so good-looking, that I got used to it immediately and other people too, since only the people I told could see the difference after comparing photos from before and after, or now, only because "You told me". Apparently the good appearance – as it is now – goes without saying…it is surprising that conventional procedures are still in use at all. I “experienced“ the old method myself and that could no way compare with the stitch method, which seemed dead easy and simple in comparison. Even on the day of the procedure, I was able to go for a stroll in the cool air (very good!) without a bandage. Also good for someone like me who wears glasses: I was even able to wear my glasses immediately after the procedure! I hope my “story” will help with the already very good patient clarification before the operation.


Just to let u all know. I had the Stitch Method last September in Konstanz in Germany and was soooooo! successful. Anybodoy want any info give me a shout. Alio

Ms. Jarnette Sch. from Winterthur (Switzerland) for daughter Jennifer (5)

We can hardly believe it, but more than 3 months have passed since the ear procedure. I waited so many years for that day and now we (I!) are still very happy. Since we can hardly express everything in words, here are a few pictures – because in this case pictures can say more than a 1000 words. But there are a few words that can still be said...THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! Perhaps you can use my pictures for the “before” and “after” material, and as proof of an absolutely perfect job!

Mr. Bernitt H. from Asslar, for son Henning (15)

Dear Dr. Merck, here are two pictures of Henning (OP 7/02), before and after. You did a great job! Henning is very happy.

Jörg M., (30) , from Cologne

I believe your procedure is much better than the usual method, because you can form the ears as desired and with your method, the position of the ears remains absolutely constant. I can highly commend this method. It will make many people happy. Today (6 days after the procedure) I have noticed no more signs of the procedure. The pain in the first three days was entirely tolerable thanks to the pain medication. Even the 6 hours’ return trip on the train was no problem.

Ms. Katharina S. (23), from Frankfurt

Many thanks to you, Dr. med. Merck and your team for correcting my ears. I’m very happy.

Jürgen and Desirée B. from Cologne, parents of Leonie (14)

Perhaps you will remember the situation before the procedure: one ear stuck out approximately 90 degrees, the other more than 90 degrees. The before and after effect is especially impressive with Leonie. Leonie doesn’t only find herself more attractive, but has also gained much more self-confidence.

Reiner H., (48 ), from Munich

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for giving me an appointment so quickly and also for the outstanding surgical results. I have enclosed a photo for your interest. Perhaps you will be able to use it in your preliminary discussions to show that the stitch method achieves great results, even with ears that have been operated on twice before (using the old method).

Daniel N. (16), from Dörth

I would like to thank you very much once again. I’m happy that you invented this procedure and were able to help me. I’d like to thank you very much for the beautiful ears that I have now. I never thought that they’d be so nice.

Jana H., from Hennef , mother of Jan (8)

Jana would like to thank you very much for the very good treatment. Everything has healed well and is fine. The pediatrician was very surprised and said he would also tell other people about your method. Many people who have seen Jan after the procedure could hardly believe that he‘d only had the operation a few days before that. He is very happy with his “new” ears.

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