The gentle method of ear correction.

Suitable for children and adults.


Dr. Merck stitch method



Ear correction according to the Dr. Merck stitch method.

Restoring the aesthetic and natural shape.

Satisfaction guaranteed Satisfaction guaranteed: Determine the results yourself during surgery
Stitch method Stitch method: A very gentle and minimally invasive procedure
Time-saving Time-saving: Consultation, examination and surgery in one day

Ear correction for a positive self-image

Do you or your child suffer from protruding ears? Using ear correction (a small surgical procedure), a symmetrical and aesthetic shape can be restored. Dr. Merck’s gentle and minimally invasive stitch method makes this possible in one day and without the need of any follow-ups.

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Quick information about ear surgery

  • Surgery lasts 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Procedure with local anesthesia (aged 12 and above)
  • Outpatient surgery for children and adults
  • Individual correction possible during surgery
  • Stitch method is usually minimally invasive and permanent
  • High quality and gentle


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The stitch method

We are experienced in ear corrections. We have treated successfully over 11,000 ears. Find out more about our special treatment method for protruding ears.

Find out more about the Dr. Merck Stitch Method

Ear correction

Our special method is particularly well suited to children and adults alike. The surgical ear correction gives you back your self-confidence. Children will no longer be teased or excluded

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How do people feel after their ear correction?
„I can finally participate in sports with my friends with confidence“
Thomas M.   |   17 years
„I was so embarrassed before, and never had short hair“
Sandra S.   |   24 years
„The surgery was really a harmless procedure - I should have done it a long time ago.“
Christian W.   |   38 years
Why Dr. Merck or Dr. Bern?
  • We are the professionals, because we concentrate only on ear correction using our stitch method
  • We provide complete and individual consultations
  • Our operating room has ultra-modern equipment
  • We offer the highest degree of reliability and quality at a fair price
  • Over 11,000 ears have been operated on using the “Dr. Merck Stitch Method” in the last 20 years
  • We developed the safe and gentle “Dr. Merck Stitch Method”
  • Consultations are free - call us at +49 7531 9789712
Why Dr. Merck stitch method and not the EarFold Method?

The Earfold Method has numerous disadvantages compared to the Stitch Method:

  1. The EarFold Method is not minimally invasive like the Merck Stitch Method.
  2. Incisions of up to 1 cm in length are made on the front side of the ear to be able to insert the metal implants. Such incisions are not made with the Merck Stitch Method.
  3. These incisions can leave behind visible scars, particularly when there is a predisposition to form hypertrophic scars, or even keloids (excessive and conspicuous scar development which is difficult to remove).
  4. The metal implants can be bent open when one lies on the ears, which can result in an asymmetry of the ears or the ears even returning to their original protruding position. With the Merck Stitch Method, the position of the ears does not change if one lies on them as the thread can’t be bent open.
  5. The Earfold Method can’t correct all causes of a protruding ear. If there is a large cavum conchae (big bowl-shaped cavity before the ear canal entrance) which often leads to a protruding ear in the middle third, the ear can’t be adequately pinned in this area with the metal implants. In comparison, this is easily possible with the Merck Stitch Method by a so-called medialisation of the anithelix.
  6. As the skin on the front of the ear is significantly thinner than on the back of the ear and the implants are positioned on the front of the ear, the implants can show through the thin skin and be visible. We can pin the ears again with our stitch method only after the removal of the Earfold implants.
  7. Permanent sensitivity disturbances of the ears can occur with the Earfold Method. These don’t occur with the Stitch Method.
  8. There is still no publication on the long-term results of the Earfold Method as it has only been used for a short time. With the Merck Stitch Method, there are, in the meantime, long-term results of 20 years on more than 11.000 successfully operated ears and the results have been published. With the Earfold Method, there is only a limited period of experience to date.
  9. If there is a complication in the form of an inflammation or infection after the utilization of the Earfold Method, the correction possibilities are difficult and not very promising. In such a case the metal implant must be removed until healing is complete. The same prepared pocket, in which the metal implant lies, can no longer be used because of adhesions and scarring of the thin skin on the front of the ear. The skin would otherwise tear. In such a case one must then resort to another method later for a renewed correction.
  10. It is not, as occasionally claimed, a more painless variation. With the Stitch Method there is also only a short period of pain after the operation that doesn’t last any longer than that of the Earfold Method.
  11. The insertion of the metal implant in the Earfold Method requires a pocket. The skin must be separated from the ear cartilage to create this pocket. Thus, a cavity is created beneath the skin in which haematoma (blood effusions) can form that can cause further complications, e.g. infections. The detachment of the skin from the cartilage is not necessary at any place with the Stitch Method and thus no cavities under the skin nor blood effusions can arise.
  12. When the sun shines through the ear from behind, one can perceive the metal part as a dark shadow. One can’t see the threads by the stitch method in such a way.
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